Swim in 5 star reviews like Squatwolf

Your customers are the backbone to your ecommerce business. This guide shows you how to get good reviews and also how to use them effectively to grow your sales.

Swim in 5 star reviews like Squatwolf
  1. Social proofing your products
  2. How to gather glowing reviews
  3. How to deal with bad ones
  4. How to use your reviews to get more sales

Social proofing your products

To get more sales from reviews, we need to understand three fundamentals.

  1. How to create an exceptional customer experience to encourage reviews.
  2. How to deal with negative feedback.
  3. How to display your positive reviews to fuel growth.

Brands need to add authenticity to their claims in order to convince customers to buy their products. One way to do that is through social proofing, providing evidence of a good product through other customers successful experiences.

For example, before you buy a plain white t-shirt from Squatwolf there are 6 social proofs in place that suggest other customers have had a good experience before you get to the checkout. We've detailed them all in part three of this guide. This might seem excessive, but we did our own research and found that 79% of Tabby shoppers always check product reviews before making a purchase of AED 200 or more. One of the reasons for Squatwolf's success is not only harvesting good reviews, but using them effectively to increase their sales and grow their brand.

How to gather glowing reviews

  1. Make the customer experience exceptional
    This one’s a no-brainer, yet it’s the heart of the retail game. Your customer has to start off with positive feelings towards your brand or product for them to then sell your brand forward. Ensure that every step of the buyer journey is optimised to enhance the experience for the customer.
  2. Make the checkout process seamless
    Customers forgive brands for many things, but issues with payments or any sort of mishandling of customer data is very difficult to turn positive, no matter how you handle it. Incorporate Tabby as a payment choice to effortlessly eliminate any concerns during the checkout process.
  3. Funnel good traffic to your review pages
    If you know it’s likely a customer has had a good experience, send them a link to your review page. You can do this by using your CRM tool to trigger an email with a link 7 days after your customer has received their purchase.
  4. Build a strong presence on the platforms you are visible on
    Google, Trustpilot, Amazon, Noon - wherever your customers are. Make sure your profile is up to date and your brand is well represented. Customers are more likely to leave a review on an active platform.
  5. Reply to all your reviews
    You can turn a bad review into a good one with a well crafted response. We’ve put some handy tips to get you started below.
  6. Go the extra mile
    A shopper’s first order is a golden opportunity to create a lasting impression by adding in a small gift or a handwritten note. We’ve seen everything from teddy bears to packs of Haribo being slipped into a customers first order. The effect this has on the customer’s first experience is invaluable, you can also use the opportunity to politely ask for a review.

How to deal with the bad ones

  1. Be quick
    Diffuse the situation quickly to avoid any escalations. A swift resolution not only soothes the affected customer, but also signals your brand's commitment to swift solutions for all.
  2. Be transparent
    Mistakes happen. Even if you're not entirely at fault (like when a parcel vanishes into thin air courtesy of a shipping partner), your customer won’t see it that way. Lay it bare, accept responsibility, and always be honest.
  3. Be human
    Nothing is worse than the automated customer support responses. When you respond, be human. Call the customer by name, converse in plain language, and sign off with your name. A human touch speaks volumes.

Some level of bad reviews is normal for every brand. The good thing is that they are a great way to channel improvements and highlight ways to a superior shopping experience.

How to use your reviews to get more sales

Here are two ways that you can use your positive reviews proactively to get more sales. Squatwolf have used six social proofs on their Impact Tee product page in an attempt to make their shoppers feel more at ease when they are thinking about purchasing the product. Skincare brand Peaceful have created a powerful piece of social content using a customer review. This tactic works particularly well for beauty and fashion.